Design of an electro-acoustic fanfare. This riding fanfare is an interactive system between sonority and architecture. The 19th century military organisation of the fanfare is being exchanged for an aesthetical chaos, a kind of spatial fluidum. The machinery of the fanfare itself, morphologically dances it sounds out. The sonority creates the spatiality of the thing itself. The screens and transparent layers of this machinerie form the musical, vibrating skin of this fanfare. An electro-acoustic soundlaboratory is being integrated interactively in a transparant architecture which consists of lasers, L.C.D.-screens, computerscreens. Cablings, L.C.D.-lamps and chips are being poured into plexiplates. The skin of this fanfare possesses this interactivity in that it refers to a speed of brainactivity. This architectural skin looks cerebral; it works as a body extension of the composer. The existing electroacoustical research and its formal experiments find here its mobility and visuality into our city’s and landscapes. The happening inherent to a fanfare meets our contemporary taste.
Concept Fanfare